Thinking of doing a boudoir session but can’t quite make the commitment? Why not make it a Girls Day? Invite your girlfriends to join you in my Chicago studio & have fun! This is especially fun for a Bachelorette Party idea since you will all get your hair and makeup done for your sessions so you can go out afterwards for a night on the town looking FABULOUS.

Boudoir parties are sooo much fun! What’s better than having your closest girlfriends with you for a day of pampering and feeling like a super model? You can certainly make a big deal about it too! Come up with a theme for the party (burlesque, pretty in pink, pinup, casual sexy) and create invites to send to your girlfriends to build the excitement and anticipation.

With boudoir parties, each individual session is usually a bit shorter in length compared to a single, private session alone, but you’ll still have enough time in front of the camera to capture some saucy images that you will love. The hair and makeup area of my studio will be sectioned off to provide privacy during shoot times. You’ll definitely make some amazing and unforgettable memories with your friends. Everyone can bring a dress or nice outfit to wear for one final group shot at the end which is an awesome keepsake.

Boudoir Photography in Chicago Illinois Boudoir Party Bachelorette Party ideas in Chicago Illinois Boudoir

Ask me about booking a boudoir party and start planning the details with your girls!

Boudoir Party Special – Book a boudoir party with your friends and you’ll each receive a beautiful complimentary 8×10 print of your group photo!

  • Rachel - February 16, 2015 - 2:30 pm

    My sister is getting married in July and I was looking to do a boudoir photo shoot session in June for her bachelorette party. I have a few questions about your photo session.
    1. Where is your studio located?
    2. What would the pricing be? Is there a minimum amount of photos per guest that need to be purchased?
    3. Who does the hair and makeup, and are they licensed in Illinois?
    4. How long is each session per girl?
    5. What type of boudoir is it (just lingerie or are nudes optional as well?)
    6. Do you have any particular deals in terms of purchasing photos for a bride?
    7. Are there any costume pieces provided?
    8. Is there a deposit, and how long in advanced should I book?

    Thank you so much!


    • Joanna - February 19, 2015 - 8:30 am

      Hi Rachel! I would LOVE to do a boudoir bachelorette party for all of you. I sent you an email with the answers to your questions along with a special bachelorette party special I offer :)ReplyCancel

Is there any hotter way to say “I’m all yours”? Celebrate that banging body you’ve been working so hard on for your wedding. Show it off in some saucy photos in a beautiful album to give your partner on your wedding night. You can engrave their wedding date, a sweet sentiment, or your names or initials on the album cover to make it more meaningful. It is such a fun and sexy gift and I’m sure it will blow your partner’s mind that you did this for them. Another bonus of doing a boudoir session before your wedding is that it helps you get comfortable with being photographed. One bride told me that her boudoir shoot helped her to be more confident in pictures from her wedding day, which was 2 months after her session!

Chicago Boudoir Photographer Sexy Bride Groom Sexy Bride Groom

Make sure to bring the lingerie with that you will wear on your wedding night, so you can make your photos come alive that night. This is also a fun excuse to go shopping;)Buy something new that he hasn’t seen before and will love. You can also bring something that your partner wears often (sports jersey, dress shirt, etc.) or some fun props. Maybe he’s into costumes, or loves you in red, or really loves the classic lingerie looks. Bring a wardrobe that you feel amazing in but also think about what he loves. Sexy Bride Groom Chicago Boudoir Sexy Bride Groom Chicago Boudoir Sexy Bride Fun Unique Groom Sexy Bride Groom

 Another fun way to do bridal boudoir is to make it a bachelorette party and invite your bridesmaids to have sessions the same day as you. A new blog post is coming soon about boudoir parties!

Even if you don’t know me personally, you definitely know how passionate I am about boudoir if you follow my work. I love helping women see the beautiful parts of themselves that they tend to overlook or show them the sexy parts that they forgot about years ago. Other than that, you may not know much about me. I hope this blog post helps to change that and you get to know a few quirky things about me.

Photo by Christa Meola Pictures Inc.

Photo by Christa Meola Pictures Inc.

1. I’m a runner. I have been a runner since 8th grade. I’m not a very good runner, but I love it. I love pounding the pavement when I’m stressed, upset, happy, excited, or just need to clear my head. It’s my go-to for just about anything and it’s my favorite way to push myself to my limits. I have run 5ks, 8ks, 5 miles, two half marathons, and I’m just crazy enough to start training for the Chicago marathon this year. I’m completely terrified to do it which is exactly why I’m going to:)

Copyright 2014 Terrence Blount Photography

Image courtesy of Terrence Blount Photography

2. I am completely obsessed with Pinterest. I pin everything – home decor, beautiful photographs, quotes, places I’d love to visit, running clothes, work outfit ideas, and most importantly recipes! I think 90% of the recipes I’ve made in the last few years have been from Pinterest. You can check out all my fabulous pins here.

3. I absolutely LOVE to cook but I am a terrible baker. Although I do have a pretty large board on Pinterest devoted to delicious looking cookies and cakes that I will never make haha! (See, told you I pin everything!)

4. I was a military spouse for 5 years. My husband was in the Army and we lived in 3 different states together in those 5 years. It was during that time that I started my career as a photographer and photographed mainly military families for my first 2 years. I have the utmost respect for the spouses and family members of active duty military members and veterans. They sacrifice so much and are the strongest people I’ll ever know. I have made friendships with military families that I know will last throughout my life.

5. I have two VERY WILD children, two boys, each born in a different state. They keep me on my toes and teach me a lot about myself. Being a parent can be totally frustrating but it’s the most amazing journey I’ve ever been on. They make me laugh hard, love deeply, shake my head, can frustrate me to no end, but most of all they make me appreciate the little simple things in life and help me to slow down and keep seeing the world through their wonder-filled eyes.


6. I’m a warm weather girl. I could wear flip flops year round. I absolutely HATE being cold. If it were up to me, it could snow on Christmas and then be a minimum of 75 degrees and sunny the rest of the year.

7. I went to New York City for the very first time in June 2014 to spend a few days with wicked talented Christa Meola, who literally wrote the book about boudoir photography. I was part of her Opening the Kimono workshop with around 20 awesome photographers, and was given a behind the scenes pass to watch her shoot live and learn from the very best. I made some amazing friendships in those few days and left with a fresh new approach to photographing women. I have noticed a huge change in my photography after that trip. Stay tuned for another blog post about this amazing experience!

Photo by Christa Meola Pictures Inc.

Photo by Christa Meola Pictures Inc.

8. While in NYC, the most important thing for me to do was to see Ground Zero. I always knew that if I ever went to NYC, I would have to see it. It’s true what they say about it – the loud hustle and bustle of New York quiets down as soon as you get close. There’s a stillness in the air. I went with my best friend the first day we were there, right as the sun started to set. We wandered around separately and silently, just taking it all in. There’s a certain ache you feel, even so many years later, as you pay your respects to those taken too soon in such an awful senseless way. I don’t think any amount of time can pass that I won’t feel that ache and burning anger in my heart for what happened on 9/11.

9. I’m very tall. 5’10” to be exact. I never wear heels, mainly because it makes me a giant but also because I’m incredibly clumsy and would probably break a leg.

10. I buy myself flowers. All the time. I think there’s nothing fresher for the soul than a beautiful colorful bouquet of flowers around me – in the kitchen, in my office, but most importantly in my Waterford crystal vase that was given as a gift at our wedding. It’s absolutely beautiful and needs to be full of beautiful flowers as often as possible.

So there you have it. 10 random facts about me that hopefully help you get to know me a little better. Have any questions for me that you want answered? Ask away!

I had the opportunity to work with the self-proclaimed Metal Sex Kitten aka Cat Hedlund while she was touring the country this Winter. She was super fun to work with and every single shot was absolutely stunning. I absolutely LOVE when a woman is confident enough to bare it all, it’s totally sexy and shows how comfortable she is in her own skin. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman. Plus, it’s always fun photographing redheads because they always have a little bit of a wild streak that’s fun to capture  ;) She definitely proved her sex kitten status.

It was hard to narrow down my favorites but here they are. Enjoy!

Sexy Boudoir Photos in Chicago Illinois Sexy Boudoir Photos in Chicago Sexy Boudoir Photos in Chicago Illinois

Sexy, Beautiful, Gorgeous Boudoir Photos

Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir Sexy Sensual Boudoir Photos in Chicago Sexy Boudoir Photos Fine Art Nude Photography Chicago

Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir

Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir

Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir

Fine Art Nude Photography Chicago Illinois Boudoir Sexy Nude Photography Chicago Illinois

Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir

Sexy Redhead Boudoir Photos Chicago Illinois Fine Art Nude Photographer Sexy Redhead Chicago Illinois Boudoir Photos Fine Art Nude Photographer

Chicago Nude Photography Sexy Boudoir

Looking forward to your next tour, Cat;)

  • Megan - January 22, 2015 - 8:46 pm

    HOT HOT HOT!!!! Amazing photos, but with a woman who is that confident/photogenic how could they not turn out that way!ReplyCancel

  • Katie B - January 23, 2015 - 6:08 am

    Stunning. Magnificent. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

    • Joanna - January 23, 2015 - 8:01 am

      Thank you! She is definitely stunning!ReplyCancel

  • Marie - February 5, 2015 - 4:49 pm

    Amazing and Intoxicating.ReplyCancel

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