Why I Shoot Boudoir

I shoot boudoir for the women who get caught up in the whirlwind of life. Whether it be from a job that consumes her or starting a family, whatever the reason may be – women often put themselves on the backburner and prioritize other areas of their life.  In the process, they forget how beautiful they are or just don’t take the time to notice anymore. Maybe she doesn’t think she can still be sexy. She thinks she lost “it” – that spark, the confidence, that ability to shine, to have sex appeal and command attention.

I shoot boudoir because I love the transformation.

I love seeing a woman come to me shy, nervous, and unsure of herself but holding on to some small hopeful chance that I might be able to bring out a little part of who she used to be.

I love watching her confidence build as she gets pampered in hair and makeup and starts to relax.

I love watching her eyes widen in surprised awe when she sees the first sneak peek from the back of my camera, followed by the squeal of sheer excitement and disbelief that she really can be sexy and beautiful.

I love seeing her doubts and inhibitions slip away in front of my camera as she gains her confidence back and really begins to enjoy herself.

Most of all, I love that the woman who leaves her session is a different woman who first came to me, she is someone who rediscovered herself and is more confident, more sure of herself, she leaves with a deep satisfaction that she never really lost “it” in the first place.

So why do I do it? Because it moves me. Every woman I meet has a story that speaks to me. I’m continually inspired by the women who are brave enough to embrace their insecurities and love themselves for who they are, imperfections and all. After every session, I am changed and inspired to keep doing what I love. It excites me and consumes me. I want to bring out that beauty inside you that you don’t think you have. I want you to finally see yourself the way your partner does. I want to show you how sexy you are if you give yourself permission to be. Boudoir photography is something I am passionate about and it is rewarding to me in a way that makes everything else pale in comparison.

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